Arbitration & Mediation


Our Law firm offer clients assistance, representation and legal advices at all stages of the arbitration process. This includes pre-arbitral negotiations, the conduct of arbitral proceedings and advocacy at trial.

We also appear before national courts to enforce or resist enforcement of international arbitration agreements and arbitral awards, as well as to prosecute or defend applications for interim measures in support of arbitration.

Aviation & MRO


Our Law Firm is capable to provide full legal support to the airline companies, airports and airport operators and MRO’s.

We are providing services related to:

  • Review and legal analysis of the (i) dry/wet lease agreements, (ii) charter agreements, (iii) code share agreements, (iv) ground handling agreements, (v) aircraft maintenance and repair agreements
  • Representing of airline companies, airports, operators in front of Serbian Civil Authority, relating to procedure for the issuing of certificate for providing services in air transport and for obtaining of certificate for air navigation service, and operating license
  • Representation of airline companies in the procedure of registration and de-registration of aircrafts, and other procedures in front of Serbian CAA
  • Representation of airline companies and airports in front of local insurances and foreign reinsurances in the process of obtaining mandatory professional liability insurance, property insurance, hangar keepers insurance
  • Aviation, MRO and airports claims
  • Legal analysis of property and mortgage, liens documentation with respect to the aircraft



insolvency, Bankruptcy

Our attorneys have extensive experience in advising clients on bankruptcy related matters such as:

  • Advising and preparing of the documentation for the initiation of the bankruptcy procedure
  • Representation of creditors or bankruptcy debtors in the bankruptcy proceedings
  • Representation of creditors at creditors' assemblies and committees
  • Legal support and assisting in reorganizing process
  • Reviewing of secured or unsecured claims
  • Legal support in acquisition of bankruptcy debtors’ assets or bankruptcy debtors as a legal entity
  • Litigation related to bankruptcy and reorganization
Civil Registry

We represent clients in various procedures in front of State and Local authorities and especially in front of:

  • Civil services (Registration and change of data in civil registries, excerpts from civil registries, certificate of marital status, citizenship certificate, etc)
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs (Certificate from criminal record – “Impunity certificate”, Residence certificate, Obtaining and extending of temporary residence, revocation of citizenship)
  • Center for Social Work
  • Tax office (Certificate with respect to paid tax obligations)
Construction Law


Our Law Firm provide clients with access to a truly multidisciplinary group of dedicated and experienced legal advisors drawn from our various specialist practice groups, offering our clients a one-stop legal service for all facets of major projects.

We support our clients through wide range of services, such as:

  • Advising and Preparation of necessary project documentation
  • Negotiation and drafting of construction agreements for the widest variety of construction projects (e.g. hotels, offices, industrial and infrastructural projects)
  • Risk analysis and risk management
  • Transaction and project due diligence
  • Dispute resolution and litigation advice when required


Our attorneys have broad experience in drafting and negotiating complex commercial agreements in a wide range of industries. We will assist our clients in solving any problems they may encounter in the course of their contractual relationships. Our aim is to understand our clients’ business needs and transfer them into legal solutions. We always provide commercially focused actionable advice that best serves our clients business and legal interests.

Company Law


We provide a wide range of legal services related to the Company Law. Our law firm can assist you in a phase of pre-incorporation and incorporation of your company in Serbia as well as provide legal support in all other regulatory matters related to the functioning of the company in Serbia.

Our service includes:

  • Advising on and preparation of all necessary documents for the establishment of the company, associations, foundations and other legal entities
  • Registrations and filings with Serbian Business Registers Agency and other institutions
  • Drafting of documentation and legal advising in relation to statutory changes, and increase/reduction of the capital
  • Legal advising related to Corporate governance
  • Drafting of memorandum of association, articles of association, shareholders agreements, rules, procedures, decisions and other internal corporate documents
  • Preparation and legal advice in relation to shareholders' assembly, board of directors, executive board and supervisory board meetings
Criminal Law

Our Law Firm provides legal support in every phase of investigation, criminal or regulatory proceedings. We represent and support you in investigations led by the public prosecutors or the tax authorities, as well as at trial in court. Regardless of whether you need a criminal defense lawyer, witness assistance or individual consultancy, with our many years of experience in criminal and tax proceedings we support you at every step of the legal procedure. In case of any house search, arrest, interrogations, requests for information or government inquiries, seizing of assets and any other search and discovery situations, indictments or penalty order please contact us and we will beat your disposal at short notice.

Data Protection & Privacy


Law Firm Petrović Mojsić & Partners can assist with your privacy and data protection concerns as follows:

  • Review current policies and underlying practices
  • Training for management and frontline staff
  • Preparation and implementation of policies, codes of conduct, internal procedures
  • Advising in crisis situations, such as privacy and data protection infringements
  • Compliance plans and privacy impact assessment


Have a claim which needs to be enforced in Serbia?

Our Law Firm can provide you with legal support in any step of enforcement procedure.

In order to provide the most effective legal service we will assess solvency of debtor, existence of movable and immovable property, initiate possible interim measures and evaluate cost effectiveness of enforcement.

Foreign Investment


Want to invest in Serbia?

Law firm Petrović Mojsić & Partners is there for you to provide the full range of corporate, tax, employment, immigration, IP, IT, and other legal advisory services to international businesses establishing or carrying on business in or through Serbia market.

Insurance & Reinsurance


Our law firm provides full legal support regarding the Insurance & Reinsurance in Serbia market, including but not limited to:

  • Advising related to the negotiation and placement of policies
  • Assisting with claim presentation
  • Negotiation, settlement and policyholder releases
  • Litigating coverage and rescission claims for policyholders, insurers and reinsurers
Intellectual Property Law


Our Law firm can offer your company tailor-made advice solutions to all IP issues in the Serbian legal system.

We support our clients through wide range of services, such as:

  • Trademark, Patent and Design searches and registration, control of annuities and renewals
  • Copyright registration
  • Licensing, Technology transfer and other transactions related to Intellectual property rights
  • Anti-counterfeit measures
  • Enforcement of Intellectual property rights
  • Representation and disputes resolution
  • Registration and protection of the Domain names, Website design and web contents
  • IP related rights
Labour Law


What we do?

On daily basis our Law Firm deals with a lot of Labor Law issues, employment disputes, drafting of all legal documents related to employment, negotiations with employees and employers, collective agreements, unions etc.

We can provide you with full legal support from the moment of founding the company in Serbia. In practice this means that we can advise you on a range of employment/Labor Law, issues including but not limited to:

  • Employment contracts
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Whistle blowing
  • Termination of employment
  • Discrimination
  • Employee information and consultation
  • Restructuring and redundancy
  • Mediation
  • Negotiations with union organizations during collective bargaining
  • Labor litigation, including collective agreement disputes
  • Advising on all aspects of labor safety requirements
  • Preparing work permit documentation for foreigners

We add value to our clients’ businesses by keeping track of and regularly updating our clients on changes in the area of Labor law.

We will give practical advice on how these changes affect our clients’ businesses, and assist them to implement any necessary change.



We handle all aspects of disputes in various areas such as: finance and banking, insolvency, professional and product liability, indemnity, insurance, aviation and MRO, intellectual property, information technology, projects and construction, real estate, commercial trade, transport and shipping, maritime disputes, etc.

Our services include:

  • Advising and representing clients at any stage of litigation and execution proceedings
  • Litigation risk analysis and risk management
  • Preparing and collecting of evidence, preparing of claims, complaints, motions and other service documents
  • Advising clients on possible alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation
  • Preparation and execution of settlement agreements
Maritime Law


In the field of Maritime law we advise and represent clients on building, commissioning, buying/selling, insurance related matters and flagging vessels, including matters with an international dimension for vessel operators and ships’ crews.

The key area of activities lies in comprehensive representation of interests – out of court as well as before state courts and arbitration tribunals – in connection with disputes arising from charter parties, shipping-bills of lading, statutory and contractual liens, indemnities and restriction of liability proceedings.

M & A


Law Firm Petrović Mojsić & Partners advises clients in Mergers and Acquisitions transactions, as well as other therewith connected issues.

We support our clients through wide range of services, such as:

  • Legal due diligence
  • Drafting of Non-disclosure Agreements – NDA
  • Implementation and drafting of transaction documents
  • Post-transaction support
  • Advice on Change of control event
  • Assisting in sales/purchase of assets and businesses
  • Assisting in a process of submitting or accepting of a bid
  • Advising related to Joint ventures


As a Law Firm we act as legal advisor throughout the privatization process, performing legal due diligence and providing legal expert services related to tender and auction procedure and restructuring. Our services also include advising in relation to the Contract and Corporate law issues and representation before Privatization Agency.

Professional Liability

Our Law Firm provides professional legal services ranging from legal counsel and risk management to mediation, litigation and arbitration. Our lawyers understand the implications of professional liability claims on our clients’ business and we work with our clients to limit the impact of claims and litigation on professional licenses, privileges and certifications.

We can help you to identify potential problems and risks within your profession and practice and work with you to develop safeguards to prevent claims. And, in the event a claim does arise, we’ll defend your interests, from matters of professional negligence and malfeasance, to providing representation of professionals in front of the licensing boards. We provide our clients with prompt and effective representation in even the most complex matters.

Public Procurement


Our Law Firm advise and follow the clients in every step of public procurement procedure.

We draft or make a review of tender documentation and obtain all necessary documentation for subject public procurement.

In cases when things go wrong in tender procedure, we represent clients in front of Republic Commission for the Protection of Rights in Public Procurement Procedures, i.e. draft all necessary requests and other documentation for protection of bidders’ rights.

Real Estate

real estate

Law Firm Petrović Mojsić & Partners advises clients in real estate transactions, as well as other therewith connected issues. We have considerable experience and expertise in handling a wide range of real estate transactions, across all major sectors: office, retail, industrial, hotels and residential.

We provide services such as:

  • Advice on and drafting Real Estate purchase/sales agreements and residential and commercial lease agreements
  • Registration of rights and facts in the Land registry
  • Legal support and filings with competent administrative bodies in permitting, construction, zoning and registration
  • Establishment, registration, realization and deletion of mortgage
  • Legal due diligence
  • Real estate litigation


Law Firm Petrović Mojsić & Partners provides a wide range of tax services. Our goal is to meet our clients’ non-tax objectives while minimizing their tax impact. We work closely with your accountants to meet your needs and minimize your tax burden. We advise clients on the tax impact of both, routine and extraordinary business activities related to:

  • Corporate income tax
  • VAT and Customs
  • Taxation of Real Estate
  • Tax planning
  • Transfer pricing
  • Representation before tax authorities and courts
  • Optimizing tax liabilities and reducing the tax risk
  • Providing with legal advice regarding all tax matters, tax obligations and tax returns

Our Law Firm in Serbia will also guide foreign investors for the avoidance of double taxation. By working with our experienced team of lawyers you will find out whether you are eligible to apply for these tax privileges. We will offer further support in order to take advantage of the Double Tax Treaties.