In today’s digital age, the process of establishing a company has evolved significantly, with electronic company formation emerging as a convenient, and cost-efficient solution for all parties involved. Electronic company formation, also known as E-company formation, leverages digital platforms and online tools to streamline the entire incorporation process, from initial application submission to final approval.

Moreover, electronic company formation offers speed and efficiency. Traditional paper-based processes often involve lengthy administrative procedures and manual document submissions, leading to delays in the incorporation timeline. In contrast, electronic filing systems enable swift processing and real-time application status tracking.

How does registration work?

The E-application is submitted through the digital platform of the Serbian Business Registry Agency (the Platform). Filing of the application requires possession of a qualified electronic signature issued by the authorized local provider.

The Platform offers the possibility of filing the application documentation in two forms i) digitalized paper document and/or ii) electronic document. Both forms require qualified electronic signature validation of the applicant and/or proxy.

The deadline for the registry to decide remains 5 working days, but practice shows that E-applications are typically resolved much quicker. The registry decision on application request is also issued in electronic form and can be obtained in original paper copy by request.

In this E-application process, besides usual legal engagement, the role of the lawyer is to digitize paper documentation, electronically sign the incorporation documents, pay fees and file the registration application.


Attorney at law Stefan Mojsić

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