Damir Petrovic

Damir Petrović

Founder & Attorney at Law

Attorney at law Damir Petrović is a founder of the Law Firm PETROVIĆ MOJSIĆ & PARTNERS.

Damir has over 17 years of working experience in the area of Corporate Law, Contract Law, Intellectual Property Law, Employment Law, Aviation Law, Insurance Law, Arbitration and Litigation. His working experience also includes leading and managing numerous high-profile projects.

He gained particular experience in the field of Corporate and Labor Law. He provides legal consulting services from the pre-incorporation phase of the company to the daily operations concerning the statutory changes, M&A, the transfer of shares, member withdrawal, liquidation and bankruptcy and other corporate-related activities. In the field of Labor Law, he provides companies with complete legal assistance related to drafting the general and individual legal acts, the prohibition of competition clauses, work injury damage claims, redundancy, termination of employment, collective bargaining etc.

Damir also has significant experience concerning the establishment of the airline companies, obtainment of the necessary licenses for the public and private air transportation, aircraft leasing agreements, sale and transfer of the aircraft ownership, as well as due diligence projects for the clients.

He is a member of the Belgrade Bar Association, as well as other significant lawyers’ associations. He is an author of the expert legal articles in several publishing houses, and he also participated as a lecturer in numerous courses and seminars.


Serbian, English, Italian
Stefan Mojsic

Stefan Mojsić

Partner & Attorney at Law

Stefan has more than 12 years of working experience and his practice and expertise include Corporate law, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Litigation and Arbitration. He has significant knowledge in a broad range of industries such as Aviation & Insurance, Transport, Healthcare, Food production, Energy, IT & Telecommunication, Real-estate.

He has extensive experience in advising and providing legal support to domestic and international corporations, companies, and start-ups on a daily basis, as well on large-scale projects and investments internationally and on the Serbian market.

Stefan is a member of the Belgrade Bar Association and other professional associations such as Austrian Arbitration Association, Swiss Arbitration Association, German Institution of Arbitration and International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys.

Clients may expect from Stefan strong commitment and count on the right solution in business crisis.


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Tijana Perisic

Tijana Perišić

Attorney at Law

Tijana Perišić joined Petrović Mojsić & Partners in 2018 as an associate. She successfully graduated in September 2017, after which she enrolled her Master studies at the Belgrade’s Faculty of Law specializing in Company Law.

She is a holder of many awards and scholarships, including scholarship “Dositeja” of the Fond for young talents of Republic Serbia in 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 and scholarship provided by Ministry of Education, Science and Culture in 2014/2015. She is also the winner of the Foundation “Prof. Mirko Vasiljević Foundation” for 2016/2017. Year.

Tijana is devoted to humanitarian work, and she takes part in projects organized by the humanitarian Foundation „Osmeh na dar“, which she is one of the coordinators.

Before joining our team, Tijana gained her experience in one law office in Belgrade.


Serbian, English, French
Dusan Vujicic

Dušan Vujičić

Attorney at Law

Dušan Vujičić joined Petrović Mojsić & Partners in 2018 as associate.

In Munich he attended Wilhelm-Hausenstein Gymnasium, then matriculated in the First Belgrade Gymnasium.

He studied Germanistics and History at the University of Stuttgart and then graduated at the Law Faculty of the University of Belgrade. Master academic studies in the field of International law he entered in 2018 at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade.

He gained his professional experience in the Tourist Organization of Serbia and the Serbian national energy giant EPS.


German, English

Petra Ugrcic

Petra Ugrčić

Attorney at Law

Petra Ugrčić joined the team Petrović Mojsić & Partners as attorney in 2021.

Petra graduated at the Faculty of Law University of Belgrade and is currently pursuing a master degree in the field of intellectual property law. Petra gathered professional experience in several law firms in Belgrade. She is member of Belgrade Bar Association.

Petra provides full legal support in areas Intellectual Property, Company law, Real Estate, Contracts, Litigation.


English, Serbian

Ivan Stefanović

Attorney at Law

Ivan Stefanović joined the team Petrović Mojsić & Partners as attorney in 2019.

Ivan graduated at the Faculty of Law University of Belgrade. He has more than 10 years of professional experience. In the team Petrović Mojsić & Partners Ivan represents domestic and foreign companies and entrepreneurs.

Ivan provides full legal support in areas Real Estate, Construction Law, Public Procurement, Contracts


English, Serbian

Zoran Jovanovic

Zoran Jovanović

Permanent Counsel

Zoran Jovanović joined the law firm Petrovic Mojsic & Partners in 2017. Zoran has significant experience in insurance, arbitration and corporate governance.

In his business practice, for several years worked on positions such as insurance manager in Energoprojekt RO Izgradnja, a consultant for engineering acquisitions of the company “Dunav Re”, director of the insurance company Energoprojekt Garant a.d.o, director of insurance brokerage company Marsh d.o.o., chairman of the board of directors of Energoprojekt Garant a.d.o, executive director for legal affairs of Energoprojekt Holding, where he was responsible for insurance programs of Energoprojekt Holding and subsidiaries in the country and abroad. He has an Insurance Broker license issued by the National Bank of Serbia.

Zoran also has significant experience in the field of contract law and international contracts I.C.E. FIDIC.


Serbian, English

Andrijana Djordjevic

Andrijana Đorđević

Permanent Counsel


Serbian, Russian, Romanian, English


Petar Brudar

Petar Brudar


Petar Brudar joined Petrović Mojsić & Partners in 2017 as an associate. He graduated from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law. During his studies, he participated in numerous courses such as Summer School of the University of Vienna and the Summer School in German Law taking place in Brühl und Bonn, Germany. Petar was a Vice President of the United Nations Club of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law. He did an internship in one renowned international law firm, and he is associate in the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation (IRZ). He is an author of rewarded and published student article titled “ICTY: War Crimes Trials as an Important Element of Confronting the Past“. He also writes for a legal magazine named Nova Pravna Revija.


Serbian, English, German
Andriana Kukaric

Adrijana Kukarić

Office Manager


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