Release from the citizenship of the Republic of Serbia is regulated by the Law on Citizenship of the Republic of Serbia (“Off. Gazette of RS”, no. 135/2004 and 90/2007) (Hereinafter: “Law“)

Citizenship of the Republic of Serbia may be terminated by release in accordance with the Law. The procedure for termination of citizenship shall be initiated by request submitted to the competent police department in person or by proxy. For a person deprived of legal capacity request submits the guardian, for a child up to the age of 18 request submits a parent. For the acquisition or termination of citizenship for a child older than 14 years his/her consent is necessary.

Request for release may be submitted by a citizen of the Republic of Serbia if it meets the following conditions: (i) that he/she is over 18 years old, (ii) that there are no obstacles regarding the military service, (iii) that he/she has settled the taxes and other legal liabilities in the Republic of Serbia, (iv) that he/she has regulated legal obligations pertaining to ownership within the marriage and regarding the familial relations between parents and children in respect to persons residing in Serbia, (v) that there are no criminal proceedings instituted for criminal offences against him/her prosecuted ex officio, in Serbia or if he/she was convicted to imprisonment in Serbia that he/she served such a sentence, (vi) that he/she has foreign citizenship or possesses an evidence that he/she shall be admitted to foreign citizenship.

For the citizens of the Republic of Serbia, who have completed their legal obligation of being entered into military records or regulated military service there is no obstacle for the release from the citizenship.

When applying for release through at competent police department, with a duly completed application form for release, it is necessary to submit the following documents: (I) certificate of citizenship of the Republic of Serbia or birth certificate, (ii) proof of foreign citizenship or a guarantee of acceptance into foreign citizenship (as well as for a child under 18 years of age if included in the request), (iii) evidence that there are no obstacles regarding the military service, (iv) notarized written consent of the other parent, if the same request for the termination of citizenship also includes child under 18 years of age, (v) written consent of the child over 14 years of age, signed before the competent authority in the Republic of Serbia, (vi) court decision on divorce (in case that parents are divorced), (vii) opinion of the competent guardianship authority in the Republic of Serbia if the other parent does not give his/her consent to the release of the child from the citizenship or has unknown residence or is deprived of legal capacity or is deprived of parental rights, (viii) decision on full adoption of a child in cases when the release from citizenship of the Republic of Serbia is requested for an adopted child under 18 years of age, (ix) certificate that there is no criminal proceedings in the Republic of Serbia, (x) confirmation from the Administration of Public Revenue of settled taxes and contributions (Tax Clearance Certificate), (xi) certificate of the Center for Social Work that the applicant has settled property-legal obligations between parents and children, (xii) certificate from the police department about facts from the criminal record, (xiii) certificate that the applicant has settled liabilities arising from pension, disability and health insurance, (xiv) photocopy of identity card or passport and (xv) proof of payment of a fee for processing a request.

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Attorney at law Damir Petrović

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